Types of Products


  • Products made with certified steels
  • High precision in manufacturing
  • Durability of the product
  • Quality controls with specific machinery for each single piece

Pagnoni Tools, thanks to its know-how achieved over the years and the constant work of technological innovation, is a manufacturer of a wide range of products that meet the different needs of use in mechanical industry.

toolholdersMetal Processing Toolholders

Double Contact ToolholdersDouble Contact Toolholders

Shrink Fit ChucksShrink Fit Chucks

Milling CuttersMilling Cutters

Processing ToolholdersWood/PVC Processing Toolholders

Polygonal ToolholdersPolygonal Toolholders ISO 26623-1

AccessoriesAccessories (Collets, Pull Studs, Nuts…)

Turning ToolsInternal and External Turning Tools

Custom products

A Tailor-made Mechanics for Custom products designed and manufactured according to customer’s requirements. Components that meet every need in the mechanical machining sector.

Pagnoni Srl stands as a “Mechanics Studio”, as an engineering laboratory in which Custom projects are realized, a main feature for a company that produces mechanical products based on its own studies or on customers’ request.

Every developments in this sector has contributed to the creation of a wide and versatile range of products for every production need and technological sector.

A team of professionals guarantees design flexibility and ensures timing and quality.