Pagnoni Tools has a wide range of CNC machines, which allow to carry out all the necessary manufacturing steps and to guarantee production efficiency and technological evolution.

CNC milling:

N°15 CNC :
Fanuc, Dah-Lih, Kafo, Leadwell, Mori Seiki.
CNC milling machines allow multiple operations on the workpiece, such as milling, drilling, tapping, boring and contouring.

CNC lathes:

N°15 CNC lathes:
Biglia, Goodway, Angelini. CNC lathes are high-performance systems capable of performing high-precision machining to micron accuracy on the manufactured parts.

External grinding machines:

N°7 external grinding machines:
Morara, Karstens
By the use of grinding machines it is possible to achieve high dimensional accuracies, and surface finishes of extreme quality and precision.

Balancing Machines:

N°2 Haimer Balancing Machine.
The high precision balancing allows to achieve the maximum efficiency of the milling machine, for number of revolutions, milling capacity and quality of the surface produced, as well as a high durability of the spindle.

Tools presetting:

N°1 presetting station M. Conti.
The presetting is an important step to determine the state of wear of the tools, necessary information for a high precision production.